About Me

My name is Marilyn H. Johnson…I am a self-taught artist. I was inspired by my mother who wanted me not to follow her around the kitchen because I was always under her feet. In order to solve that problem, she gave me torn up brown paper bags and a pencil and she told me to draw her a story.

From then on, I was hooked on crayons, pencils, and paper. That love was interrupted by the death of my beloved mother, college, work, raising two children, and running my own personnel management company. After my final retirement I started dabbling in sketchbooks using pencils and crayons.

I was hooked all over again. I took art classes that specialized in realism painting animals and people. I felt boxed in because I was always seeking proportions and perfection. That exercise made me feel like I was limited and somewhat stressed.  I started looking at books on art therapy and how art can be helpful for mental health.

Art therapy lets you feel free and not tied to perfection. I looked at abstracts that displayed bright colors and bold strokes and shapes. I was hooked all over again. I occasionally will try animals and other objects of realism but I am sold on abstracts because it allows me to express my emotions and distracts me from negative thoughts.

If you are interested in seeing some more of my art efforts check me out on Instagram or contact me here.